Multifocal and Accommodating IOLs

A Single Lens That Will Allow You to See Near and Far

Multifocal and Accommodating IOLs are a premium form of correction; they take advantage of new technology to correct the full range of vision, from up close to far away. Patients who choose multifocal IOLs report greater satisfaction, as a high percentage of them do not need to use glasses any more.

Multifocal and Accommodating Lens Options

AcrySof <sup>®</sup> IQ ReSTOR <sup>®</sup> IOL

AcrySof ® IQ ReSTOR ® IOL

The Broadest Range of Vision for Cataract Patients One feature of our ...

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TECNIS <sup>®</sup> Multifocal IOL

TECNIS ® Multifocal IOL

High-Quality Vision for Day and Night The TECNIS ® Multifocal IOL i...

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Crystalens <sup>®</sup>

Crystalens ®

More Natural Eyesight that Adjusts to Your Visual Needs Crystalens ®...

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